Palestine Polytechnic University

Center of Excellence in Water, Energy and Environment Research and Services


Year Name of Project Abstract
2001 Environmental Awareness Program Abstarct
2002 Enhancing Environmental Sustainability through Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Technology (2002-2004) Abstarct
2003 Social Mobilization Program in Fields of Environment, Culture and Education(2003-2004) Abstarct
2005e Establishing the REERU Weather Station Abstarct
2005e Save the Children Cooperative Initiative Towards Quality Testing of Drinking Water in Nablus (Aqraba) and Dahria (Hebron) Abstarct
2006 Establishing the Solar Energy Testing Laboratory and the Energy Auditing Laboratory Abstarct
2007 International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection in Sustainable Development (ICEEP). Abstarct
2017 Managing Heavy Metals Contaminated Industrial Wastewater from Inorganic Chemical Industries in the West Bank Abstarct
2017 Promotion of Applied Integrated Practices and Technologies for Sustainable Industrial Wastewater Management in Palestine Abstarct
2018 Monitoring and Evaluation of Chemical Contamination of Drinking Water from Roof-Top Plastic Storage Tanks Abstarct